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FAQ's - (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Ricky's Audio? Because we provide the best audio fidelity, the best equipment and the best service at a FAIR price. We will help you find a solution suitable for your event AND your budget.

2. Do you have enough experience? For more than 20 years, Ricky's Audio Corporation has been in the audio business servicing the most demanding clients. We now figure as one of the leading audio companies in Puerto Rico and are the top choice for TV/Network shows, corporative events, and live entertainment.

3. My event is in one of Puerto Rico's outlying islands. Can you go there? We are one of the very few companies to cover the Vieques, Culebra, Palomino and Icacos islands, providing all your audio and ambient lighting needs.

4. We need a few wireless lavaliers and handhelds. Do you have them? Ricky's Audio has the most extensive Wireless Microphone inventory in the island. With more than one-hundred units, we will help you find the one that fits your needs: from the smallest theater drama mic to the concert sound lead vocal microphone, Ricky's Audio has a solution for you.

5. We want to free more space. Can we hang the speakers? No problem! If you want, we may hang all the speakers, including the subs.

6. The speaker cable look bad and can cause an accident. Is it necessary? Not entirely! One of our many wireless equipment can send a wireless signal to the speaker and avoid any cable in the floor. Only a power connection is needed.

7. The room acoustics are bad. What can we do? The audio experts at Ricky's Audio Corp. will help you find a solution using specialized audio-measuring tools, and based on the results of the analysis, tailor the best speaker placements for a convenient sound reinforcement.

8. Is there enough electrical power in my venue? Our experts will help you find the most suitable solution for you. Since our equipments are so efficient (low-power consumption), there is a high probability that our equipment will work without the need of an extra generator, saving you the rental costs. But, even in those cases where a generator is needed, we can provide one that fits your needs at a reasonable cost.


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