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The Advantages of the JBL VRX Systems

VRX 932


  • Can be rigged or tripod mounted. Save thousands on rigging costs!
  • Nearly half the amount of enclosures will provide enough coverage, meaning more meeting space, less cable runnings, more visibility, less labor costs = more savings!


Outstanding Coverage and Coherence

JBL's VERTEC® SERIES Line Arrays lead the industry in large venue sound reinforcement. While intended for smaller venues than VerTec, the VRX900 Series Constant Curvature Line Arrays are designed and built to the same high standards and uses the same advanced, concert-proven drivers. JBL's VRX900 SERIES speakers deliver extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility and, of course, stunning JBL sound in an attractive, easy to handle and affordable package.

In large venues, the very narrow vertical coverage of a regular line array enclousure allows a lot of acoustic energy to be projected to distant listeners. But in smaller venues, this means that a large number of enclousures will be required to provide the needed vertical coverage, resulting a a lot of speakers in a small room (less visibility, and very costly $$). VRX Series is designed with wider vertical coverage (15°) so fewer speakers are requiered in small to moderate-size venues.

The VRX Series speakers are very versatile. They can be suspended as a normal line array system, or mounted in a tripod, eliminating the elavated rigging costs.



**Information taken from the JBL-Pro Website



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