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Digital Mixers

Yamaha CL5, QL1, QL5, DM3-D, M7CL-48, LS9-32, LS9-16

Soundcraft Si Impact, Si Performer1, Si Performer3, Si 2

Midas M32, Allen & Heath SQ5

Analog Mixers

Yamaha MGP16X, MGP12X, MG16/6FX

Yamaha EMX5000-12

Mackie 1402VLZ

Mackie ProFX-12

Allen&Heath Mix Wizard W3 16:2

Speaker Systems




JBL VP7210/95DP, VP7212MDP

JBL PRX812W, PRX710, PRX One

JBL EON 615, 610, OnePro

JBL Control 2PM

Meyer Sound Labs 650P Subs


Galaxy Powered Hot Spot and HotSpot VC

Mackie SRM-150

Signal Processing

DBX DriveRack 4800, 260, PA

Klark-Teknik DN7454

Crown V-RACK 4x3500HD

Waves Soundgrid Racks (for Yamaha)

Dan-Dugan Automatic Mixing Hardware

Klark-Teknik DN360, DN300

dbx iEQ31, iEQ15, 2231, 231

Rane DEQ 60L

Presonus ACP88

dbx 1046, 160X, 160A

Yamaha SPX990, SPX2000, D5000, ProR3, DDL3, D1030

Lexicon MPX1

TC Electronics M-ONE, D-TWO, Finalizer Express

Audinate Dante Interfaces and Compatible Ethernet Switches

Drawmer DA-6

Aphex 204 Aural Exiter

DJ Gear

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 DJ CD Player

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 DJ Mixer

Rane Sixty-Eight Mixer Serato Mixer

Technics SL1200 MK2 Turntables

Rane Serato Systems

DJ Booth in Truss and Acrylic + Laptop Stands


Denon DN-T620, DN-T645

Numark MP102

Pioneer DVD-V7400

Sony MDS-E10 Mini Disc Player, CDP-D11 CD Player

Tascam MD-CD1 Mini Disc Player, CD-A500 CD Player

Wireless Mics

Shure Axient, UHF-R, ULXD, QLXD, SLXD Wireless Systems

Shure Heads SM58, BETA58, BETA87A, BETA87A/C

Shure Heads KSM8, KSM9

Shure Compatible Heads: DPA 2028, Audix OM5, OM6, Telefunken M80

Shure Beta58 True 24k Gold Plated head

Neoprene Arm/Waist Belts Available

Directional Antennas, Distribution Systems and Combiners

Professional Wireless Helical Antennas

Lavs, Headsets & Earsets

Audio Technica MT830R (Lavaliers)

Countryman ISOMAX, E6, H6 (World's smallest earset)

DPA 4065 (Omni Headband)

DPA 4060 (Omni Hi-Sens Lavalier)

Sennheiser ME3 (Headsets)

Shure SM93, WL50, WL51, MX150 (Small Lavaliers)

Shure Microflex WL183, WL184, WL185 (Lavaliers)

Shure SM35, PGA31, WH20, Beta53, Beta54 (Headsets)

**Ask for our Custom Made Mics for TV & Drama

Wired Mics

AKG D112, SE300B/CK91

Audio Technica AT Series 4031, 4033, 4041, 961RP 

Audio Technica ATM Series 10a, 31a, 29HE (DV57+)

Audio Technica ATM Series 41HE, 61HE, 63HE

Audix D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, i5,

Audix OM2, OM3, OM4, OM6, TR40 (Test Mic)

Barcus-Berry Piano System 4000

Blue Mics "The Ball"

Crown CM31 (Choir Mic) and PZM30D Boundary

Earthworks M30, DM20, SR25

Electro-Voice N/D767a

Heil HM-Pro Plus, PR48

Sennheiser E604, E815S, E855, E865, MD421-II, MKE2 Gold

Shure 5575 Limited Edition (Vintage Look, Cardioid)

Shure Super 55 (Vintage Look, Supercardioid)

Shure Beta Series: 27, 52A, 57, 58, 87A, 91, 91A

Shure Beta Series: 98, 98AMP, 98A/H

Shure Lectern Mics: EZG/12, MX412 C/S and MX418 C/S

Shure SM Series: 48S, 57, 58, 58S, 63, 81, 98, 137

Shure VP82, VP88, KSM109

Shure MX393 C/S/O Boundary Table Top Surface Mic

Telefunken M80

M-Audio Nova

Rode NT2-A

In-Ear Systems

Shure PSM 1000, PSM 900 Wireless In-Ear Systems

Shure SE215, SE315, SE425 Earphones

Shure SRH440 Headphones

Sony 7506 Headphones

Behringer P1 Wired In-Ear Systems

DIs and Cables

Countryman TYPE 85 (DI)

Radial ProD2 (Passive Stereo DI)

Radial JDV (Jensen Active DI)

Radial PZ-DI

Whirlwind IMP2, Director, & PCDI (Passive DIs)

Whirlwind XLRs, Snakes, Splitters, Pressboxes

K&M, AKG & Ultimate Support Microphone Stands




Production Intercom (ClearCom compatible)

PortaComm (ClearCom compatible)





Streaming & Recording

Panasonic AG-CX350 Full NDI/HDMI/SDI 4k Video Cameras

Sony PXW-Z150 XDCAM 4k Video Cameras

Canon XL-H1A and XF-100 HD Video Cameras

BirdDog Eyes P200 1080p PTZ Video Cameras

BirdDog Eyes P400 2160p PTZ Video Cameras

Skaarhoj PTZ Pro Controllers

Mevo Webcams

Marshall Electronics Miniature Cameras

Manfrotto Professional Camera Tripods

vMix and Livestream Professional Licenses

Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

Whirlwind THS 3 Translator Talkback & Headphone Box

Windows PCs and Apple Macbooks

LED Screens

Absen PL-Lite Outdoor 3.9mm  LED Video Screen

Absen D3V-Outdoor 3.9mm LED Video Screen

Newstar FS-3 Indoor 3.9mm LED Video Screen

NovaStar LED Video Senders, Scalers and Controllers

Professional LED Screen Stacking Gear

Screens & Projectors

Da-Lite Tripod Screens (6', 7' & 8')

Da-Lite & Stumpfl Screens (6x10, 7.5x10, 8x14, 9x16, 11x19)

Da-Lite & Stumpfl Dress Kits

Canon Realis Short-Throw Projectors (4-5k Lumens)

Christie & Eiki 10k & 12k Lumen XGA Projectors (1024x768)

    -Lenses 0.8, 1.2-1.9, 1.9-2.5, 4.6-6.0

Barco G60-W10 WUXGA (1920x1200)

    -Laser Phosphor Projector 10,000 Lumen.

    -Lenses (G Series):  0.65-0.75:1,   1.52-2.92:1,   2.9-5.5:1

Barco G62-W11 WUXGA (1920x1200)

    -Laser Phosphor Projector 11,000 Lumen.

    -Lenses (G Series):  0.65-0.75:1,   1.52-2.92:1,   2.9-5.5:1

Barco G100-W22 WUXGA (1920-1200)

    -Laser Phosphor Projector 22,000 Lumen.

    -Lenses (GC Series):  0.65-0.75:1,   1.2-1.5:1,   2.0-4.0:1

LED TVs:  32", 40", 50", 55", 60", 70" and 85"

Static, Rolling and Truss TV Stands

Video Switching & DSP

NewTek TriCaster & TriCaster Mini 4k

Roland V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher

Roland V-1200HD Multi Format HD Video Switcher

Roland XS-84H Large Format 8x4 Matrix/Switcher

Roland XS-1HD Multi-Format 4x4 Matrix/Switcher

Roland V-1HD Small Format Switcher

Roland V-8HD Video Switcher

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO Streaming Video Switcher

Edirol V-4 Video Mixer

Kramer VP-731 Switcher/Scaler

Cerevo LiveWedge Switcher/Scaler


Pipe & Drape 17' and 20' - Available in Black, Light Gray and Presidential/Royal Blue

Tech Drape, 5' Black


Camplex Broadcast Extreme Fiber Cables (Single Mode and Multi-Mode) with 12-Pair OpticalCON

Belden SDI Cables

Chauvet, Ikan & Dracast LED Lighting Panels

Magewell Video Capture Cards, 1080p & 4k

Teradek Bolt6 HDMI Transmitters and Receivers

Lilliput, Seetec and Feelworld Reference Monitors

Decimator, Blackmagic, AJA, Atomos & BirdDog Converters

Decimator, Marshall, AVMatrix and Lumantek DAs

Pioneer DVD-V7400 DVD Players

Cisco and Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Switches (NDI/Dante)

Laptops: Macbook Pros and PCs

Podiums/Lecterns - Truss, Acrylic, LED TV Display

Da-Lite Confidence Monitor Stands

Da-Lite Display Easels (for Paintings and Signs)

Da-Lite A-Frame Easels (for Paper Pad Usage)

DSan Perfect Cue Systems

DSan LimiTimer Pro-2000 (Small & Large Displays)

Digital Document Scanners for Live Display

A/V Carts

Green Screens




ChamSys MagicQ MQ250M Stadium Console

ChamSys MagicQ MQ70 Compact Console

High End Systems Road Hog 4

High End Systems HedgeHog4S

Leprecon 612/624

Leviton MC24

Static Lights

Altman Scoop 160 (14")

ETC Source-4 Lekos and ETC PARNels

Chauvet OnAir IP Panel 2

Chauvet OnAir IP Panel Mini

Chauvet COLORdash Batten-Quad 12

Chauvet COLORado 1 Tri Tour, 1 VW Tour

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4/Quad-4 (battery-operated)

Astera AX5 Triple-Par (battery-operated)

Martin RUSH Strobe CWL

Martin RUSH PAR 4 UV

Moving Lights

Martin MAC Aura PXL

Martin MAC Aura XIP

Martin ERA400 CLD

Martin Rush MH7 Hybrid

Martin Rush MH6 Wash CT & RGB

Martin Rush MH1 Profile Plus (LED)

Martin Rush MH8 Mini Profile (LED)

Martin MAC 101 (LED)

Lasers & Effects

LaserNet 8W RGBB Lasers

Pangolin Beyond Laser Control

Martin Jem Hazer Pro

Chauvet Hurricane 1301




XSF and Tomcat Truss 1,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10 Segments

XSF and Tomcat Outriggers, Base Plates and Grappers

Ground Support

Applied Electronics L-11, L-16, L-25

Mobil-Tech France ML2 5520 Telescopic Lift

VMB TE-064 TowerLift 17.5'

Werner Snap Up Aluminum Folding Scaffolds, 6x4ft


CM Loadstar Single-Phase 1/2 and 1-Ton Motors 80'

CM Prostar Three-Phase 1/2 Ton Motors

    (1/4 Ton Motors w/Dual Chain) 30'

Motion Labs Motor Controllers and Handheld Stations

Airwall Hangers and I-Beam Grappers

USA Shackles, Spansets, Slings and Steel Wire Cables





TMB ProPower 400A Three-Phase and 200A Single-Phase

Motion Labs 100A, Three Phase

Motion Labs ProPacks


RAC Custom 50A/3-Spc PowerPack

TMB Stage Stringers

Tripp-Lite SmartPro Digital UPS

Furman A/C Strips

Cam-Lok Feeder Cables

Yellow Jacket Cable Protectors





Staging Concepts SC90 4’ x 8’ @ 150 lb/sf

Granite Industries 4' x 4' @ 125 lb/sf


Default Black Skirting

Carpet cover on request



Bass & Amps

Fender American Jazz Bass

Ampeg PN-410HLF (4x10" Cabinet)

Ampeg SVT-810E (8x10" Cabinet)

Ampeg SVT-7Pro (1000W Head)

Gallien Krueger 700RB (380W+50W Bi-Amp)

SWR 750X (750W Head)

SWR Megoliath (8x10" Cabinet)

SWR WorkingPro 15 Bass Combo


Yamaha Recording Custom 20 Anniversary Drumkit

DW Performance Series Drumkit

Ludwig 1967 Drumkit (The Beatle's Drumkit)

DW9000 Hi-Hat & Kick Drum Pedals

Zildjian K-Custom Cymbals

Guitar & Amps

Fender American Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Martin D-12E Acoustic Guitar

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1965 (Reissue)

Fender Twin Reverb 1965 (Reissue)

Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Dual Super Lead

Marshall JCM900

Marshall 1960B (4x12" Cabinet)

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus

Vox AC30


Yamaha Motif XF7, XF8

Korg Triton Extreme 88

Roland RD-700NX Version 2

Roland Fantom-G6

Roland KC-350, KC-550 Combo Amp

K&M Spider Pro Stands

On Stage Keyboard Stands - Single/Double Tier


LP Calssic Conga, Quinto, Tumbadora

LP Classic Bongos

LP Tito Puente Timbales

LP Percussion Table

LP Performance Tray

LP Cowbells

Mario Cortes Cajon

Percussion Toys


K&M Guitar Stands

K&M Music Stand Lights

Hamilton Music Stands

Clearsonic Panel A5-7 (Drum Shield/Isolation)

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